Afrikanische Kultur
und Musik in Europa e.V.
Afrikanische Kultur und Musik in Europa e.V.
Afrikanische Kultur und Musik in Europa e.V.
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Music and dance are part of the daily African life.


In the African past and also in the Africa of today the dancing is of great importance. Dancing and singing canīt be really separated. During many centuries different ethnic groups developed typical songs and dances. These dances and songs tell stories from the past e.g. from fightings or from big religious events. Several religious songs contain ritual actions and therefore often danced either by men or women.



The traditional dances are passed on from one generation to the other.The children already dance when they are small. They automatically take up their traditions and pass them on later to their children by dancing.


The traditional dances refer to everyday situations such as harvesting, hunting, fertility or initiation rites, marriages, births, funerals and many more events. Each happy or sad event in the village finds its expression in the dance. The dance is a mode of expression. However every tribe, every village has its own way of expressing.



The movements as well as modes of expression are accompanied by slow and fast rhythms and mainly of the drums.


A child

growing up

surrounded by dance

can dance.

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