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Afrikanische Kultur und Musik in Europa e.V.
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This continent is too large to be described!


Africa is one of the most unbelievable and most exciting continents of the whole world. Its unique animal world, the varied and enormous nature and the heterogeneity of the people living there have a great fascination to us.


With an area of 30,3 square kilometres Africa is the third largest continent. It covers more than one fifth of the total land area and it is three times bigger than Europe. The population (around 728 million) lives in 53 territories, whereas the north is populated mainly by white Africans (Arabs, Berber) and in the areas south of the Sahara mostly black Africans are to be found.


The most well-known mountains developed by volcanic eruptions are the Mount Kilimandscharo (5895m) which is constantly covered with snow, the Mount Elgon (4322m) and the Mount Kenja (5194 m). In the east and north-east numerous rivers rise from the wet Highlands , whereas the river Nile with a length of 6650 km is the longest and most important river of the world.

The river Kongo in the east is one of the most well-known rivers.


One striking characteristic of Northern Africa is the Sahara, an enormous desert area which covers more than one quarter of the total area.


Africa is the “Tropical Continent”. Its climate zones are largely controlled by the continent´s location astride the equator and its almost symmetrical extensions into the Northern and Southern hemispheres.


Africa may be divided into six general climatic regions. There are enormous differences in temperature. Near Tripolis you may have 58’C, while in the winter months you may have severe frosts in the higher situated regions of Southern Africa.


Large rainforest areas are especially found around the river Congo and west of the 30th degree of longitude. Really unaffected vegetation however is only to be found in a small part of the rainforest.


A quarter of the entire land surface is covered by forest the timber therefore economy plays an important role.


The abundance as well as the variety of mineral resources must be mentioned: as there are gold, diamond, copper, nickel, platinum, iron, chrome, tin, salt, gypsum, coal, natural gas and many more.


African peoples, who make up over 12% of the world's population, are distributed among 54 nations and are further distinguishable in terms of linguistic and cultural groups, which number around 1,000. The Sahara forms a great ethnic divide. More than 1500 languages are spoken on the African continent.


The most common languages are Arabic, Suaheli, Lingala, Bambara and Hausa. Many former colonial states stick to their original language. They either use it in addition or as the only official language.

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